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Kastamonu Entegre, who produces the raw and melamine coated particle boards, glossy panels, MDF, laminate flooring, tops, door panels and value added products for the needs of the furniture, decoration and construction sectors, has a consolidated turnover of 1.3 billion USD and is a global power  positioned as the 1st of its sector in Turkey,  the 4th in Europe and the 7th in the World. Today, with its 6000 employees and with its production power, knowledge and experience, with its export more then 100 countries from Middle America to India, it is the 1st in its sector and the 40 th among the first 500 Industrial enterprises listed by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry.

In the country it produces MDF and particle boards at Kastamonu and Gebze, particle boards at Balikesir,  Samsun and Tarsus and overseas it produces door panels and particle boards in Romania, craft paper in Bosnia and Herzegovina,  particle boards in Italy and Bulgaria and MDF in Russia, which indicates production in 19 factories, at 14 locations in 7 different countries. 


As a close follower of the novelties in its sector, Kastamonu Entegre is updating the decors, designs and dimensions of its collection according to the new trends. In the furniture sector  it provides support with the necessary variety of decors, surface designs and products in order to be able to compete with the global companies, while continuing to add value to the comfortable living spaces with its high quality, innovative and environmentally friendly products which meet the expectations of all its stakeholders at the highest level with their new colors.


The quality policy and understanding of Kastamonu Entegre is reflected in the high level quality standard of each product that is manufactured. The basis of the production and quality activities of the company is to increase the quality level and decrease the costs by implementing efficiently the quality system at each stage of production. All the work processes at Kastamonu Entegre are performed with this understanding and no compromise is made concerning the quality standards.

Kastamonu Entegre that is running the production with full respect towards environment and nature and fully conscious of its social responsibilities, has carried its environmental sensibility to a more advanced level by obtaining the FSC Forest Stewardship Council Certificate. The FSC Certificate is documenting the fact that due to the raw materials obtained from the forests under protection, these forests are managed in a sustainable manner and this is inspected and approved by an independent committee. 


We, Kastamonu Entegre have been aware of our responsibility towards environment since our establishment in year 1969 . The focus of our activities is the principle of “ being beneficial” and all our social responsibility works are unfolding around this axis. Fully conscious of our global brand identity, we are setting sustainable targets to ourselves on the road to the future, with our services expanding beyond borders and with our stakeholders with whom we are closely connected like the chain rings. Our social responsibility activities shaping around  the human being and community axis are consolidated by our solution focused approach.


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